Areas of practice
  •  Estate Planning
    We provide legal advice and assistance to both Italian and non Italian citizens whose assets are in Italy or abroad, with particularly the following:

       Succession Planning and corresponding Taxation issues
       Drafting of Wills
       Acceptance of Inheritance (with or without benefit of an inventory)
       Drawing up Inventories
       Renunciation of Inheritance
       Preparation and Filing Declarations of Succession
       Distribution of Assets
  •  Real Estate
    We provide a thorough service with the entire process of choosing, buying and selling property in Italy

    After a preliminary meeting with the Client regarding the buying and selling of the property and our highlighting any relevant tax issues, we can provide assistance with the following:

       Searching for a suitable property/liaising with estate agents
       Arranging for a Valuation of the property in question
       Appointment of the Notary and all communications with him
       Appointment of the notary and communication with same.
       Title and lien searches at the relevant local Offices (Regional Office Property Publicity Service, Building/Land Registry, Technical Office, Bankruptcy Register, etc.) in order to obtain all the documents necessary to proceed to purchase and sale (title deed, land registry search, absolution for contravention of planning regulations, etc)
       Choice of Lending Agency for the granting of any potential financing.
       Negotiations with the seller or buyer (vendor/vendee)
       Requesting the Italian tax identification number in the event that the client has not obtained one (codice fiscale)
       Drafting the proposal for purchase
       Drafting the preliminary contract for purchase and sale
       Completion of the definitive deed of purchase and sale
       Drafting documents abroad for use in Italy
  •  Corporate and Commercial
    We provide advice and assistance on corporate and commercial matters and have expertise in particular with:

       Formation of companies
       Domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions
       Purchase and sale of shares
       Negotiation and drafting of corporate and shareholder agreements
       Representation at General Meetings
       Purchase and sale of business assets
       Negotiation and drafting of domestic and international commercial contracts, and joint venture agreements
       Creation and registration of a permanent establishment for foreign companies
       Formation of non-profit organisations

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